About Us

Little Tree School is a unit of “A Unit of Udaan Foundation”. Our Vision is to inculcate in our students a strong sense of self-belief, confidence and empower the students to positively contribute to the society and also become active and responsible citizens of the country.

What We're All About

  • To improve our kids as Readers, Writers, Thinkers, and Speakers in all the way
  • To develop a sense of humanity in school life
  • To train our kids with the basics, laying a strong foundation for a lifetime to learning
  • To encourage intellectual & emotional skills
  • To develop physical and artistic talents
  • To make our children a complete and sound individual in their own right

Learn Something Every Day

Little tree School is one of the best primary schools in Patna where students get the perfect education to bright their future. The teachers always try to learn the student’s new things in the school. You can come to the school and take admission of your children. Our teachers observe the student’s activity and then provide them the education, that they need. This is a suitable time to join us.

Nikhil Singh
Our Aims

Who We Are

"We believe in imparting good values in our students.."

To impart education to the students through the English Medium and instill in them the ideals of courage, tolerance truth, and virtues of an ideal human being and a true citizen of the country. Our school aims at providing structures & disciplines which are considered necessary for the development of the students during the formative years.

We ensure a healthy, hygienic, and safe learning environment, with adequate water and sanitation facilities and healthy classrooms, healthy policies and practices, and the provision of health services such as nutritional supplementation and counseling. We also provide transport Services to the students.


We have experienced and dedicated faculty who help students to solve their problems by innovating teaching methods.


Little Tree School “A Unit of Udaan Foundation” provides your kid quality education through qualified and passionate teachers. 


A scholarship is an award of financial help for those students who work hard in the class and get the best result.

Study at Your Own Pace

A leadership team with a vision